Wednesday, March 30, 2005

"No joy"

Terri Schiavo's death seems have provoked comment from everyone who has an opinion. From those who argue vigorously that her death is essentially the equivalent of murder to those who insist that the actions of Congress are the harbinger of a theocratic state the debate has become exceedingly nasty.

My own opinions are tentative but highly sympathetic to keeping Terri alive. Blogger Stephen Green leans the other way yet manages but makes an important point about the politicalization of Terri:
I get no joy from her death. I get no satisfaction from "my side" "winning" the "debate." All I see is a sad end to a sad life – and none of it had to be this way. I hear a lot of sound and fury about how Terry represents some noble ideal to some crowd or other.
Perhaps we ought to remember Kant's categorical imperative that we ought not to treat people merely as ends. I do think there's much that ought to be debated here but it appears that questions of life and death are being overwhelmed by the need for everyone to choose sides and root for their team. This is one case where we'd be much better off if we could leave our politics at the door.